Jose Canseco Mars

Over the summer, Elon Musk suggested that exploding nuclear bombs on or above Mars could be the way to kick-start an atmosphere on the Red Planet.  A move which could eveentually help supoorto life.

The unorthodox idea now has support from an unorthodox source for space exploration commentary — former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco.

Jose Canseco Mars:

Jose Canseco Mars:

“By my calculations if we nuked the polar ice caps on Mars we would make an ocean of 36 feet deep across the whole planet,” Canseco writes on Twitter. In a string of tweets, he also thinks about the need to get some ammonia to Mars and suggests colliding “Saturn’s moon Triton” with Mars as a means of firing up a magnetic field.

in just 140 charactors or less, Canseco did not elaborate on what kind of calculations, if any, but since he seems unaware that Triton is actually a moon of Neptune and not Saturn, it’s probably safe — in my personal opinion — not to take him too seriously.

So while Canseco may not be the best at impersonating Musk to troll us all on Twitter, his tweets are consistently entertaining nonetheless.

Even though Canseco clearly has run numerous tests to prove his hypothesis, the folks over at Motherboard asked a couple of actual astrobiologists just to be sure.

The astrobiologist who did get back to me didn’t want to be quoted by name because it’s so insane, but told me that the idea of “moving Triton” is totally nuts—and oh, by the way, Triton is a moon of Neptune, not of Saturn. Moving a moon is not something that’s easily done, especially when the vague plan is to have the giant celestial body traverse the orbits of Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the whole of the asteroid belt before ultimately having it crash into a planet.

Back to the drawing board, Canseco.