Homeowner thief dog poop

A Las Vegas homeowner was fed up with his packages disappearing from his doorstep and decided to leave a smelly surprise for thieves.

Cameras captured two men taking boxes from the man’s porch, what they didn’t know was that the homeowner had filled boxes with dog poop.

Eric Bardo says if only he had video of those thieves opening the packages.

Homeowner thief dog poop

Homeowner thief dog poop

“It sat out there for four days and they finally came and got it,” said Bardo.

Some of security videos of the Homeowner leaving the thief dog poop can be seen below.

 Not First Time a homeowner has left Dog Poop For A Thief

Last year, after falling victim to thieves who swiped packages off of their front porch several times, a Northeast D.C. couple decided to teach them a lesson by leaving a box of dog poop for the thief.

The couple decided to place a fake package outside, and to move the camera so they could get a better angle if the robber hit again. He did on Monday, but this time, he got away with a box filled with dog feces.