Man leaves chickens

An Oregon police department and local animal shelter came to the rescue after an “angry” man left seven chickens in the most unexpected place — the office of the Oregon Department of Revenue, police said.

According to reports Christmas day, a Eugene police officer ­responded to the state ­Department of Revenue office about 12:20 p.m., shortly after the man, identified as Louis J. Adler, 66, released seven chickens in the office lobby.

Man leaves chickens

Man leaves chickens

Man leaves chickens

“Chicken wrangling is not a required skill for police officers,” the police department said in a statement.

Cary Lieberman, executive director of the Greenhill Humane Society, which operates the 1st Avenue Shelter, told ABC News today that the chickens have been in his shelter’s care since Wednesday.

“We are looking for a home experienced with chickens and who will keep them as egg-layers and companions rather than send them straight to the pot,” Lieberman said. “We are closed today for Christmas, but our staff and volunteers will be at the shelter to care for the chickens as well as the dogs and cats.”

Adler couldn’t immediately respond to DbTechno for comment.

No man or bird was injured.

Derrick Gasperini, the state agency’s spokesman, said office employees had prior dealings with Adler and that he was “frustrated with the outcome.”

Gasperini had no further details about the source of Adler’s frustrations with the tax agency office.

Officers gave Adler a trespass notice requiring him to stay away from the office or face a citation, police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said the chickens did no damage to the office but did leave behind a bit of poop.