Waitress 1000 tip

A waitress in Morehead City received quite a surprise and gift after a family of five dining at her restaurant left her a $1000 tip, the biggest she’s ever received.

Kathryn Irwin says she never would have guessed that’s what was waiting for her on that receipt.

Irwin says, “I felt extremely blessed and immediately humbled. I was so shocked i wanted to cry.”

Irwin, who has worked at Olive Garden full time for three-years, and has plans to go to college, didn’t even notice the tip at first.

Waitress 1000 tip

Waitress 1000 tip

Irwin says, “I was busy doing some side work and ended up going back to my table thinking I should grab the guest book off the table and it was still a few minutes before I actually opened it and when I did eventually open it and I saw it I was in disbelief. I couldn’t even believe, I was trying to figure out if they made some type of error.”

The bill was $45.70. Thirty of which was paid using a gift card. The suggested tip was $15.14.

Waitress 1000 tip

Waitress 1000 tip

The family left before Irwin could say thank you and now she wants to make sure they know how much it meant to her.

Irwin says, “I’m just amazed, you know you hear about generous tips around the holiday, I’ve never personally had it happen to me, so I just want to make sure I do the right thing and again I just want them to know how thankful I am.”

Irwin planned to do some Christmas shopping and pay it forward by doing something nice, like paying for lunch, for someone she ran into randomly during the day.

If you think that’s a nice tip, wait until you hear how much Jay Z once tipped.

Apparently, the rap mogul is one to spread the love when it comes to money. The famous husband to Beyoncé Knowles threw a release party for his new CD ‘Watch the Throne’ and celebrated in high fashion that would rival Kanye West and Elton John.

Jay-Z, notorious free spender, laid down 95 stacks (that’s $95,000 in plain English) for fifteen special bottles of “Ace of Spades” champagne from Armand de Brignac. Those bottles weren’t the only Armand de Brignac that Jay-Z brought to the party either. By the time the evening was done, the rapper had four muscle-men cart in a golden case containing twenty other bottles Armand de Brignac.

In all, the rapper laid down 250 stacks ($250,000) on just the booze. Jay-Z didn’t forget to tip the help either. He left 50 stacks ($50,000) in tips for the waiters plus a bottle of Armand de Brignac for their personal consumption. Jay-Z invited some notable guests to the shindig including Kim Porters, DJ Clue, and Ne-Yo. Jay-Z may still take the hardened ex-con-like photographs typical of rappers, but he was very much the family man. Even though his wife wasn’t there, Jay-Z kept to his buddies and did nothing that would embarrass or offend his spouse.

Here is a great list of the worst of the worst:

  1. Madonna – Doesn’t always leave a tip, when she does it’s a cheap one.
  2. Kelly Presten – Notoriously bad tipper. Most of the time she doesn’t leave a tip at all.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow – Doesn’t leave a decent tip. It’s speculated she has trouble calculating the proper percentage.
  4. Barbra Streisand – Doesn’t always tip. When she does it’s $10 for a bill of over $450. She’s very high maintenance and demanding and no one ever wants to wait on her.
  5. Tobey Maguire – Doesn’t always leave a tip, and when he does it isn’t generous.
  6. Bill Cosby – Once left a $3 tip on a $350 order. He probably thinks the waitstaff needs to stop taking from others and get a real job.
  7. Ricki Lake – Once left a tip of $8.00 on a $142.44 bill. This after she let her young son run around the restaurant unattended – and he supposedly made a big mess.
  8. Bobby Brown – Rude to wait staff, lets his kids run amuk and left a $10 gratuity on a $250 restaurant tab.
  9. Sean Penn – He and three others had New Orleans waiters waiting on them hand and foot. The tip left on a $450 tab? Absolutely nothing. There are lots of instances of Sean Penn stiffing waitstaff. How many people do you think have spit in his food by now?
  10. Kirsten Dunst – According to one server she’s whiny and smells bad. Left nothing behind after racking up a $223 bill.

Top 10 Best Tippers:

10) Dan Aykroyd
9) Barack Obama
8) Bill Murray
7) Drew Barrymore
6) Russell Crowe
5) Drew Carey
4) Hulk Hogan
3) Charlie Sheen
2) David Beckham
1) Johnny Depp