Man’s lost wedding ring found in the ocean

A New Jersey man has been reunited with his wedding ring that fell off his finger and sank to the bottom of the ocean while he was fishing.

According to FOX News, Jay Bradford’s ring fell in the water off Long Branch, New Jersey, while he was pulling an anchor in during a frustrating day searching for blackfish earlier this month.

“He texted me and said his day was going wrong. I said `don’t worry you will find the fish,”‘ said his wife Meagan Bradford, 29. “He texted me back, `it’s not the fishing, I lost my ring in the water.’ I nearly threw up.”

Ring found in ocean

Ring found in ocean

Mr Bradford and boat captain Nick Barsa returned to the spot four days later with salvage diver Mark Thompson. Mr Barsa steered the boat to the exact spot where the ring was lost, while dealing with 35-mile-per-hour winds and a big south-east swell.

“When they found it I was ecstatic, I was amazed,” Meagan Bradford said. “I nicknamed Nick “Capt. St. Nicholas,” for this time of year because these two did perform a Christmas miracle for us to have that ring back.”

Mr Thompson said he dove in and searched rock ledges and sifted through thousands of mussels. He says he found the ring in less than 10 minutes.