ArcaBoard:  A Hoverboard That Actually Works

With Arca Space’s hoverboard prototype the world has finally came closer to actually seeing a flying “hoverboard” capable of lifting a person above any type of ground and transporting them over “distances.”

While Back to the Future  fans might finally rest after acquiring the Romanian company’s creation, their new state of the art technology comes with a heavy price-tag of around $20,000.

The hoverboard looks more like a flying mattress rather than hardware Tony Hawk would use.

As reported by The need to create such a large surface area seems apparent, as the devise deploys 36 fans to lift the board off the ground, by generating 195kg of downward thrust.



Yet the battery can only power the device for a maximum of six minutes, quite disappointment for those willing to splash out tens of thousands of dollars on the flying machine.

The battery problems are supposed to be compensated by the 272 horsepower used to lift the board. But then again, the devise requires a six-hour charge in-between your hovering adventures. However, you can purchase the ArcaDock accessory that will charge the battery in just 35 minutes for an extra $4,500.



“A few months ago, me and Chris (Lang) and his kids went to the Organ Mountains to take some photos, because the weather was great — lots of clouds and the lighting was beautiful,” explained ARCA Space Corporation CEO Dumitru Popescu. Lang is the company’s chief operating officer.

back to the future hoverboard

back to the future hoverboard

“It’s a huge amount of power — more than the vast majority of automobiles,” Popescu said. “For its size, the ArcaBoard is probably the most powerful personal vehicle ever created in history. We wanted to make it as small, light and thin as possible. So we began by looking at the minimum geometry that would be required to house the batteries and motors.”


The ArcaBoard hoverboard comes in two varieties — an Enhanced Thrust model which supports a rider weighing up to 110kg for about three minutes, and a Long Endurance model which can support a rider that weighs up to 80kg for up to six minutes.

To steer the ArcaBoard at top speed 20km/h one needs a smartphone, to enable the stabilization system.  When the stabilizer is turned off, the board is controlled by shifts in the rider’s center of gravity.

The ArcaBoard  is made of aerospace-grade composite materials, and weighs about 80kg, and will go on sale in April of next year.

The ArcaBoard

Created by: ARCA Space Corporation

Dimensions: 57 inches long, 30 inches wide, 6 inches thick

Weight: 180 pounds

Horsepower: 272 hp

Flying time: 3 to 6 minutes

Charging time: 35 minutes

Hover height: 1 foot above ground

Hover speed: Up to 12.5 miles per hour

Cost: $19,900

Pre-orders begin: Today

Ships to customers: Around April 15, 2016