Kaylan Mahomes

Kaylan Mahomes

Kaylan Mahomes:  The Mother Of All Internet Mysteries

A picture of a mother and her twin daughters is causing lots of confusion and also prompting discussion about age-defying products.

As reported by CNN, in a photo posted to Twitter by Kaylan Mahomes, the girl poses with her mother and identical twin sister. The thing is, it’s not clear which of the women is the mother and which two are the daughters.

It’s unclear how old the twin girls are, but all three women in the photo look the same age.

Before you scroll down for the answer, can you guess which female is the mom?

Some social media users were positive the mother was the figure in the middle because they said the two on the outside were “obviously” twins.

Others used process of elimination: The one taking the photo was on the far right and no mother would sit in the back seat, so it had to be the woman on the far left.

The answer lies in Mahomes’ caption for the photo: “Mom, twin & me.”

The mother is the woman on the far left, and the twins are the girls to the right.

On Facebook, the guessing game of “Who’s the mom?” is going viral as well, as folks add their thoughts in the comments section about Kaylan’s viral photo. Some of those commenting on the photo use interesting logic to determine who’s the mom in the photo.

“The one on the far left is the mother. I say that because I know my mom doesn’t drive if I was able to drive her and she sure as h*** would not sit in the back.. Lol.”

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