Vancouver Island human foot

A human foot has been found inside a shoe on Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island.

According the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), It appears that the shoe washed ashore and was found by a hiker on Sunday, Sooke RCMP said Tuesday.

CBC reports, the shoe and foot were turned over to the B.C. Coroners Service, which confirmed that the foot is human.

Charlotte Stephens said her husband was walking on piles of driftwood Sunday when he found a running shoe containing a sock and what appeared to be bones.

Stephens said:

 “All you could see is about three inches of white material, and we were trying to determine if it was actual human bone or just something else placed inside.  It definitely looked like it but we weren’t going to take anything out of the shoe to find out.”

B.C. Coroners Service spokeswoman Barb McLintock says an investigation is under way to determine whose foot it is and the cause of death.

She says so far there is no suspicion of foul play.

Severed human foot found washed ashore on Vancouver Island

Disembodied feet come ashore occasionally on Vancouver Island

Between August 2007 and November 2011, nine feet belonging to seven people were discovered along the B.C. coast.

Each foot was clad in a brand name running shoe (although one was in a men’s size 12 Cougar hiking boot.) There was no other discernable pattern, except they were all found in close proximity in populated areas. In one year, five feet turned up.

Conspiracy theorists and crime buffs would like to think a crazed killer was at work, hatching off limbs and pitching the feet into the Pacific. Or that someone with access to dead bodies, an undertaker perhaps, was chopping off feet and tossing them into the water, reports the Vancouver Sun.

One foot was linked to a man who had gone missing 25 years earlier when his boat overturned near Port Moody.

CBC News quoted an official as saying that he believes most cases were determined to be suicides. Officials said at least one case in 2008 was a hoax.

This isn’t just a B.C. phenomenon. There have been similar cases elsewhere in the world. The most recent report came last In May of 2015 from Seattle, where volunteers picking up trash at Elliott Bay north of downtown found a foot in a white New Balance sneaker.

Courtesy of the BC Coroners Service

Courtesy of the BC Coroners Service