DUI tree front grill

DUI tree front grill

DUI tree grille police chace

According to police, a  Roselle officer recently saw a car driving southbound on Roselle Road in Chicago with a 15-foot tree embedded in the front grille of the car.

As reported by FOX 32 Chicago, after stopping the driver, the officer also noticed the airbags had been deployed, apparently from hitting the tree. And now after an investigation, the Roselle officer has arrested a woman for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

The woman was pulled over around 11:10 p.m. Jan. 23 on Central Avenue after police received a call about a vehicle driving with a tree embedded in the grille, according to Roselle Deputy Chief Roman Tarchala. The driver was charged with DUI after failing a field sobriety test.

The woman told police that she struck the tree somewhere in Schaumburg, Tarchala said.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 28 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Tarchala added.

As reported by CNN, while the images were going viral online, some questioned their authenticity, prompting the Police Department to release a video of the unusual encounter.

The video shows the car going down a street in the opposite direction. It then cuts to dash-cam video from a police cruiser trailing the tree-riddled car, in which the police officer pulls the driver over.

They noted in the post that “some just didn’t believe it was true.”

The driver was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, according to the Facebook page.

“Yet another reason why you should not drink and drive,” the post reads.