Tiger on highway

Tiger on highway

ODrivers in the energy-rich Mideast nation of Qatar got a surprise Monday when an escaped tiger was seen prowling among cars on a major motorway.

According to reports, police said they were looking into footage circulating on social media showing the tiger making its way between vehicles in the capital, Doha. Other images showed a man in a traditional white robe holding the big cat on a chain, suggesting it had been recaptured.Acc

Some wealthy Arabs in Qatar and other Gulf states keep big cats as status symbols despite prohibitions against the practice.

A lion escaped its Dubai owner’s home in January and was captured wandering a residential neighbourhood. In Kuwait, a man was sued in 2014 after his pet lion escaped and attacked a Filipina maid.

Last year, the government had to make an appeal for the owners of an escaped cheetah cub to come forward after it was found north of Doha.

After one sighting of a tiger several years ago, a spoof Doha Tiger twitter site was created.

One social media user, Sultan Al-Qassemi, complained on Twitter after seeing the footage that: “This obsession of keeping wild animals by rich kids in the Gulf has gone too far.”