Dog missing 10 years found

A dog that went missing 10 years ago in Alabama is being reunited with its owner.

Dental assistant Tracy Dove assumed her 1-year-old dog named Charlie was gone forever when he disappeared from a pen in the north Alabama city of Cullman in 2006. She suspects someone stole the German Shorthaired Pointer.

But animal rescuer Renee Jones got a call recently about an old dog that was lying outside a church in south Alabama. A microchip implanted in the animal led Jones to Dove.

No one knows exactly where the dog has been for the last decade, but Charlie now has a gray muzzle and a cancerous tumor in his chest.

“I was shocked, overwhelmed. I cried,” Dove said in an interview Thursday. “It’s amazing.”

Dove says she’s looking forward to reclaiming Charlie and she wants the make the remainder of his life as comfortable as possible.

“It will be a lengthy road for him, but he’ll be home,” said Dove, who lives near Birmingham in Corner and works as a dental assistant.

Donations from an online fundraiser will cover the cost of the dog’s surgery, and Dove plans to be there when it’s done.

“He’s too weak and sick to make the trip home, so I am going to stay down there with him until he’s well enough to come home,” she said. “And then he’ll be my dog again.”