Human And Rat DNA Found In Burgers Lab Finds

Human And Rat DNA Found In Burgers Lab Finds

TEXAS (DBTECHNO) – Food Study Finds Human And Rat DNA Within Burgers

A recent study conducted by food research firm Clear Labs in the United States has some startling results. Clear Labs tested a total of 258 burgers sold under 79 brands in the USA. What the firm discovered was shocking.

The study found that three burgers of the 258 it tested in its study contained, get this rat DNA inside.

Additionally one burger was found to contain human DNA.

That’s right — when eating a burger, you may be consuming human or rat DNA.

The human DNA found in the burger can be explained pretty simply. Human hair, skin or fingernails may have been accidentally ground up with burger meat at a plant.

The rat DNA scenario is a bit more difficult to explain and swallow. It seems that rats or chunks of rat meat or their droppings must have entered the meat used to create burger patties.

The findings of the study are sure to startle fast food goers and purchasers of hamburger meat in the supermarket. Previous studies have shown that horse meat can be present in burger meat. Think that veggie burgers are pure and contain only vegetarian ingredients? Two veggie burgers tested in the study had meat inside of them.

“Our findings suggest that the beef industry as a whole has benefited from stringent regulation and aggressive testing requirements,” Clear Labs said in its report.

Another interesting find was that a black bean burger actually had no beans.

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Your Burger May Come with Rat DNA