Luke Gatti, the 19-year-old University of Connecticut student who was recorded acting abusively toward the university’s Union Street Market staff at the Student Union last week, released a YouTube video apology on Sunday, October 11. He apologized to the staff, the university and many others, and then asked that people donate “Mac n’ Cheese” boxes to the hungry rather than send the boxes to him as a prank.

Gatti entered the Union Street Market with a bottle of alcohol and demanded macaroni and cheese made with jalapeno peppers and bacon. The food court manager refused service and asked Gatti to leave. Gatti refused and then ranted and cursed for several minutes. Eventually, after Gatti started getting physical with the manager, another employee tackled him to the floor and then police arrested him.

Gatti has two previous disorderly conduct arrests on his record. In his video, he claims that he recognizes that he has a problem and that he’s trying to get help. Many people don’t believe he’s sincere. They think that Gatti is the perfect example of a rich, young man who feels entitled to service as long as he has the money to pay for it.