Impacting Infants: Robot Security Running Over a Boy

A new technological security system established last year at Palo Alto, a San Francisco Bay Area shopping mall, has been temporarily suspended due to an accident.

The security system is composed of 5 foot tall, 300 pound robots, as reported by The Press Democrat. These robots are noted as to using both cameras and sensors to scan the area for suspicious activity and to move around the shopping mall or other areas.

One of the robots at the San Francisco Bay Area shopping mall, however, was the cause of an accident. While parading around the shopping mall, the robot collided with a 16 month old infant.

Following the collision, which knocked the infant to the ground, the heavy robot then ran over the infant’s right foot. This induced swelling and left a scrape on his leg; however, no other injuries to the infant have been reported. Bystanders were not injured.

Due to the event, the K5 robot has been removed from the security staff at this time. Nonetheless, these robots are still in use at other establishments, including Qualcomm Stadium. No other reports have been made further on if and when these robots will return to the shopping mall.