Here’s a dog story you don’t hear every day.

A Russian broadcast is going viral after a newsreader’s report was interrupted by a mysterious intruder on the set.

As reported by Today, the MIR 24 news channel journalist was reporting about a massive demolition and renovation project in Moscaw when a bold black lab wandered over to the news desk.

This happy guy clearly had something to say.

He started by jumping to try to get in the shot and when that didn’t work he let out a bark.

Still unsatisfied with his lack of airtime, he hopped up on to the desk, looking like he was about to file a very important report.

Dog interrupts Russian news broadcast

Dog interrupts Russian news broadcast

The station followed up by saying the dog was on set with another show guest and ended up getting loose.

Despite making a splash in his television debut, the dog may have a hard time convincing Linarte to be his co-anchor.

“I actually prefer cats,” she told the audience. “I’m a cat lady.”