LONDON – A former UK millionaire professor has been bullied to death, the Guardian reported.

Brian Bellhouse, 80, was killed while walking alone on a cattle field in Guestling, East Sussex, United Kingdom on June 12. He is a former professor at Magdalen College.

Other pedestrians heard his screams and told the authorities. It is known that the cattle were agitated and attacked Bellhouse.

The medical force was dispatched but Bellhouse died at the scene.

Bellhouse lives about 8km away and it is unclear why he is walking in this area.

Although details are unclear, police say Bellhouse’s death was not suspicious and was reported to investigators.

A spokesman for the police said: “An 80-year-old man died after being trampled on a field at Church Lane, Guestling, on Monday.

“Police and medical personnel were present after being called at 11:02 am and a rescue helicopter landed at the scene, but he died sadly at 11:46 am.

“There were no suspicious circumstances and the case was transferred to the investigator.”