Botching the National Anthem

There have been several unfortunate renditions of The National Anthem, and the Fourth of July is a good time to remember these cringe worthy performances.

Singer Christina Aguilera should have done some homework before singing the iconic song at the 2011 Super Bowl. The singer, unfortunately, messed up the words in front of millions of people.

Michael Bolton’s rendition of the National Anthem in 2003 at Fenway Park was painful to watch. It sounded like someone was singing one note behind him, and when he had to look at his cheat sheets, the crowd was not impressed.

When R. Kelly attempted to add too much soul to his performance at a boxing match in 2005, the crowd showed their displeasure by booing him.

Stephen Tyler’s appalling rendition in 2001 only got worse when he changed the lyrics at the end.

The infamous performance by comedian Rosanne Barr is probably the worst all-around experience. It isn’t bad enough that she can’t carry a tune, but spitting is not an appropriate ending.

Worst National Anthem Singers, A Painful Look Back

Worst National Anthem Singers, A Painful Look Back