According to a new book, Mick Jagger and David Bowie “were really sexually obsessed with each other.”

In his new biography of the Rolling Stones front man, “Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger author Christopher Andersen describes how Bowie and Jagger were sexually active with each other during the 1970’s.

The novel reads: “Ava Cherry, a backup singer who lived with the Bowies for a time, reportedly told a friend that ‘Mick and David were really sexually obsessed with each other.”

Angie Bowie, Bowie’s first wife, recalled walking in on the two in bed.

“Angie went upstairs to her bedroom, slowly pushed the door open, and there they were: Mick Jagger and David Bowie, naked in bed together, sleeping,” Andersen writes. ”Both men woke up with a start. ‘Oh, hello,’ said Bowie, clearly taken by surprise. ‘How are you?’”

“I wish it had been me with Mick,” Angie Bowie told Andersen. “I’ve always thought Mick must be a wild man in bed. He is a very sexy guy.”

The new book has been met with mixed reviews.

One reviewer, who claimed to be part of the “music scene” in the 1960’s, has trouble believing some of the books “assumptions”

“I’d hoped this book would be a true story about Mick’s life, but the author makes assumptions, “quotes” things people said while alone one-on-one forty-five years ago, tells in detail what people did while completely and utterly alone, and fails to give any footnotes or a bibliography for what at best are educated speculations and at worst are flat-out lies. It gives a canary/butter/sunny neon yellow tinge to the term “yellow journalism.”

While Richard W. Anthony, said: “Master journalist Christopher Andersen’s portrait of Mick Jagger is another illustration of his singular ability to segue effortlessly from subjects…”

The book is on sale now in North America now.

Book Claims Mick jagger And David Bowie Had Gay Affair in the 1970's

Book Claims Mick jagger And David Bowie Had Gay Affair in the 1970’s