Though many fans were concerned, Jessie J was able to save her job with The Voice after having a intimate discussion with her boss.

The shows outspoken judge had been trying to make things right with her boss ever since a confrontation a few weeks ago that involved Frankie being stubborn and refusing to open her dressing room door for her boss.

Many insiders believe that her job was on the line because of she acted toward her boss, especially after all her has done for her.

Luckily for Frankie J. though, her boss was extremely proud of how she performed this season and is excited to bring her back for the upcoming season.

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“It was a positive and frank discussion that ended on very good terms,” a senior source told The Mirror.

“There was clearly a misunderstanding before when they were supposed to meet.

“But that is now water under the bridge. He hasn’t got a problem with Jessie and wants to keep working with her.”

It is said that there may have been a misunderstanding that led to the inappropriate rude behavior by the judge.

Fans are excited as well that their favorite judge will be returning for another season.

Jessie J's Job On "The Voice" Safe