It is going to be a long summer for NCIS fans. The show’s season finale left its fans wondering about which of their favorite characters will return in the Fall.

The episode continues to focus on Harper Dearing’s fatal attacks on the Navy. He is seeking revenge for the death of his son who died as a result of faulty wiring on a naval ship. The team has been tracking Dearing and believes that they are closing in on him when Dearing catches them off guard with yet another deadly attack.

Dearing detonates a large car bomb outside the NCIS building putting all of Gibbs team’s lives in jeopardy including the lovable Abby. Meanwhile, Palmer and Ducky are in Florida for Palmers wedding when all goes wrong. The episode wraps up with a shot of Ducky walking on a beach in Florida. He is called with news of the bombing when he clenches his chest in pain and falls to the ground.

NCIS Finale 2012 Leaves Fans Wanting More