Robin Gibb, member of the legendary rock and disco band of the 60s and 70s “The Bee gees”, is in the fight of his life. Suffering from colon cancer, he also slipped into a coma following a bout with pneumonia which doctors feared he would not emerge from.

Miraculously after 12 days, he awakened and is still fighting to regain his strength. At present, doctors have suspended his cancer treatment until he is strong enough for the chemo.

Currently, Robin has a tracheotomy inserted in his throat and can only communicate by batting his eyes. He has a 50% chance of recovery but he’s a fighter and has the undying support of his loving wife Dwina. She’s said to be by his side constantly. Notwithstanding his wife’s support, he has close friends and family visiting him frequently. With that kind of love, one has to believe the odds of recovery will be better than 50-50.

Robin Gibb Unable To Speak