Forbes Celebrity 100 has been released and the list of the most powerful celebrities shows that a smash hit movie or record isn’t enough to make their list. Nowadays, a celebrity must be far more influential than that.

To illustrate, their top dog this year is Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez wasn’t at the top of the list for year twelve month income of $52 million as both Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga made at least that more if not more.

Lopez was on top because of her all around star power with a successful clothing line and perfume, a large $20 million salary for the ratings giant “American Idol”, 6 million tweet fans and 12 million Facebook friends and endorsements with companies like Gillette and L’Oreal.

Indeed, it takes more than just a great movie to be number one in this age.

Forbes Celebrity 100 Shows The High Bar Of Star Power