Fans Cheer Alan Partridge’s Return to TV

Fans of Alan Partridge have more than just one reason to celebrate.

Partridge will soon return to TV in several different venues.

One is a revamped version of the former Mid Morning Matters, along with a one-hour special produced for Sky Atlantic by comic Steven Coogan’s Baby Cow Productions.

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One special is tentatively titled Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of my Life. Another production is an interview format.

Coogan is also set to narrate a new animated production from Sky Atlantic, Uncle Wormley’s Christmas, as well as a documentary showing a behind the scenes peek at his live Australian tour.

Coogan agrees with fans that Partridge has been missing from television for too long a period of time and is delighted to bring Alan Partridge back to life.

Alan Partridge's Return to TV

Alan Partridge's Return to TV