Rayven Symone Gay Rumors

When former child star Rayven Symome; star of Disney Channel’s “That’s so Rayven” said that regarding her sexual identity she will not disclose who she is sexually and sees herself as a person, not a person with the need to divulge her sexual orientation.

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Of course this spurred a frenzy of rumors speculating she could be bisexual or gay.

Symone said that she’s at a point in her career and her life where she doesn’t care what the press or media thinks and that she’s living her life for herself and not the media.

She’s all grown up and is finding her own as a working adult and not so much as a child star with a squeaky clean, Disney image to maintain.

In Hollywood, whenever someone’s sexuality is a mystery or a celebrity refuses to divulge the information, more often than not, the tabloids assume the celebrity is gay.

Rayven Symone Gay Rumors Swirl

Rayven Symone Gay Rumors Swirl