A Ukranian journalist in Moscow won’t soon forget meeting actor Will Smith.

He was playfully slapped by the “Men in Black” co-star for trying to shower the actor with kisses while he was walking the red carpet at the film’s premiere in Russia.

The male journalist succeeded in kissing him on both cheeks before Smith became very annoyed and playfully slapped him on the face while exclaiming, “what is your problem, buddy?” The slap was caught on camera as Smith began pushing the reporter away from him in an attempt to prevent any other uncomfortable public displays of affection.

An unnerved Smith, who first came to prominence on the hit comedy series “The Prince of Bel-Air” while still a teenager, is now 43 and is one of America’s busiest and most successful actors.

Interviewed by another journalist at the same premiere, Smith complained that the Ukranian journalist attempted to kiss him directly on the mouth and that he finally delivered the slap in an attempt to stop what he considered unacceptable behavior.

Smith called the unruly reporter a “joker” and said that the fellow was awfully lucky that Smith didn’t haul off and “sucker punch” him rather than just deliver a light slap.

Will Smith Slaps Reporter Attempting to Steal Kiss

Will Smith Slaps Reporter Attempting to Steal Kiss