Los Angeles, CA – British boy band, “The Wanted”, were in Los Angeles to film a music video for an upcoming release entitled “Chasing the Sun”. In an ironic twist that only life can orchestrate, the band’s electrical usage blew out a transformer knocking out power for a neighborhood street last Saturday night. However, conscious of the disruption they caused the local residents, the members of the band went door to door apologizing to the residents.

The English magazine, “The Sun” reported: “It was funny in a way but a load of the neighbors were ready to punch them – it was just the lads’ manners that saved the day.” The group certainly displayed a refreshing level of class and genuine respect for people.

The group is hoping to follow up their big hit “Glad You Came” with this latest release and cement their crossover success from England to the USA.

Irony & Manners: The Wanted Cause LA Blackout