Timothy Busfield Accused of Sexual Battery After Alleged Movie Date Fondling

Revenge of the Nerds star Timothy Busfield has been accused of sexual battery after taking an unidentified woman to the movies where they began flirting and kissing.

Upon the kissing, the woman claims Busfield reached over and grabbed her breast and touched her genital area. The woman then stormed out of the theatre.

The woman filed a police report the next day.

The police have not yet launched an investigation but say that they will be questioning him soon.

It’s not clear what Busfield will say considering he has yet to address the issue publicly. It’s also unclear whether an actual crime has been committed as the situation does involve to consenting adults in the midst of a sexual situation that one person apparently did not agree with.

If Busfield had tried to force himself further or kept the woman from leaving, the issue may be a little more cut and dry.

Timothy Busfield And Sexual Battery

Timothy Busfield And Sexual Battery