Brooke Vincent Gets Pay Raise to Stay Another Year with Coronation Street

Brooke Vincent has signed a deal with Coronation Street to stay at least one more year.

Vincent, 19, accepted a substantial pay raise to help her decision making process go a little easier. Brooke’s character, Sophie Webster, is quite popular.

Keeping this character around with the same actress playing the part will help the show keep its ratings up and the audience’s interest peaked.

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Vincent has considered leaving the show entirely or taking a break, but this new pay raise completely changed her mind. She’s been wanting to spend more time with her boyfriend, Josh McEachran.

McEachran is a football player, so with their busy schedules there is not much time for romance between the couple.

After the verbalized intention to take a break or quit the show, Producer Phil Collinson said he would do whatever it took to keep Brooke Vincent as a member of his cast. He finds her to be an asset to the show.

Brooke Vincent Gets Coronation Street Contract Extention

Brooke Vincent Gets Coronation Street Contract Extention