Is Houghton’s ‘Split’ a Reality TV Stunt?

Reality TV star Chantelle Houghton may have the makings of a new television series brewing with conflicting mid-May news reports about a romantic split with fiance Alex Reid.

A post on her Twitter page, along with sightings of the pregnant former model out and about all by herself, led to tabloids and even the UK Daily Mail publishing reports of a breakup.

One of Chantelle’s friends said: ”She is absolutely devastated. She is in a complete state. She has moved back into her flat where she feels safe. She won’t tell any of us what Alex has done.

”There are some very worried people. She’s eight months pregnant and is holed up in a flat on her own without even a bed to sleep on.”

Reid, however, denies the reports and, according to OK! Magazine, issued a statement saying he and Houghton remain in love and look forward to the birth of their child.

She rose to fame as the star and winner of the 2006 season of “Celebrity Big Brother,” and after a brief marriage and resulting divorce from another cast member, she began dating Reid last year. He earns his living as an actor and MMA fighter.

Chantelle Houghton walks out on Alex Reid

Chantelle Houghton walks out on Alex Reid