Hospitality Industry’s lucky star Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is a world renown actor, and extremely popular in the movie industry, but there is another industry where he excels, and that is the hospitality industry.

Wherever Mr. Depp goes he’s anxiously waited on by every kind of service professional.

While Johnny Depp makes a lot of money, spends a lot of money, he also enjoys giving tips the sizes that changes people’s lives.

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On one noted occasion where the actor had opened his heart and wallet up is when he dropped a $4,000 tip in a prominent Chicago restaurant, while entertaining the director and costars of the movie he was working on at the time, Public Enemies. In that case, Depp’s bill was also $4,000.

There have been countless stories from lucky waiters from all over the world who have told of Johnny Depp generosity, giving him legendary status within the hospitality industry.

Johnny Depp + $3,000 Tip on $4,000 Bill

Johnny Depp + $3,000 Tip on $4,000 Bill