When Matt Carle won the X-Factor in 2010, it looked like his career was ready to take off.

However, his debut album, “Letters,” had disappointing sales, and it now appears like he is in a fork in the road.

Carle has left Columbia, who put out that album, although it’s unclear whether that was his decision or he was dropped by the company.

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Carle maintains that leaving was his own decision, and he wants to take his career in a different direction.

The singer is already working on his second album, and he will no doubt be looking for a new company to take over production.

The reality show X-Factor has joined the ranks of television singing competitions that get high ratings, but produce winners that seem to be shooting stars that shine brightly for a time and then fizzle out.

Time will tell if Matt Carle can land another deal that will illuminate his career again.

Matt Carle Shops for New Record Label

Matt Carle Shops for New Record Label