No Tip For Italian Barmaid From David Cameron

David Cameron, the youngest person to ever assume the position of Prime Minister of Britain, acted a bit petty when he neglected to tip a barmaid during a vacation trip to Tuscany, Italy with his wife Samantha.

The waitress, Francesca Ariani, either didn’t know who Cameron was or didn’t care.

She told Cameron she was “too busy” to deliver his coffee order to his table and she insisted that he carry his own beverages.

So Cameron conveniently forgot to leave the customary gratuity on his $4.47 bill.

Although tipping in Italy isn’t mandatory, most espresso bar customers are more than happy to leave a little something for the barmaid. Ariani soon made it known that Cameron didn’t leave a tip, saying she was surprised because she thought he was a wealthy man. Wealthy, perhaps.

Generous, no. Maybe Cameron was just preoccupied with the financial difficulties facing his own countryman at home while he was out on holiday.

Top Ten Cheapest Celebrity Tippers:

1. Tiger Woods: Claims he never carries cash.
2. Madonna: Once left an $18 tip on a $400 bill.
3. Barbra Streisand: Famous for leaving $10 tip for $457 tab.
4. LeBron James: Didn’t ever get tipping talents, left $10 on an $800 bill.
5. Jeremy Piven: Left signed Entourage DVD as tip.
6. Usher: Once left his autograph as a tip.
7. Mariah Carey: Famous for diva demands and no tips!
8. Sean Penn: Left $0 on a $450 tab in New Orleans.
9. Bill Cosby: Once left a $3 tip on a $350 bill
10. Rachael Ray: Promotes less than 20 percent tip on her show.

Considering all the money and effort spent by both Tiger and LeBron for charity, I think that them being on this list isn’t such a big deal. Of course I might feel differently if I were a waiter or a bartender.

No Tip For Italian Barmaid From David Cameron