Celebrity Apprentice: And The Winner Is…

Sunday night’s celebrity apprentice crowned the winner of the fifth season’s competition.

Former talk show host, Arsenio Hall, defeated American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, earning him $250,000 for the charity he was competing for.

The final task of the show was for the two remaining contestants to create a 30 second ad based around charity awareness.

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For their ads Hall chose to do an 80’s themed skit in which Magic Johnson made an appearance. Hall’s charity was the Magic Johnson Foundation.

Aiken did a carnival themed ad featuring children enjoying themselves. The charity he was working for was The National Inclusion Project, whose main focus is children.

Since he was a runner-up in America Idol, Aiken had made it known that he did not want to be a runner-up again in a reality show. Unfortunately for Aiken, Trump did not choose him as winner.

In the end Arsenio ending up collecting $167,100 for his charity, while Aiken brought in $301,500 for his. Even though Arsenio was crowned winner, each finalist would be able to donate the earnings they brought in to their charity. The only difference is that Arsenio will get an extra $250,000 since he was the winner.

Who Won Celebrity Apprentice 2012?

Who Won Celebrity Apprentice 2012?