Rita Ora has been described as Britain’s Rihanna. It has recently been rumored that Simon Cowell would like to add the singer to the cast of X Factor.

Orr arrived in Cannes for the Film Festival after recently appearing in concert in Camden.

Ora, 21, currently has a number one hit with her song, R.I.P. She has worked with Jay-Z and Kanye West. With a bright future ahead, signing up for X Factor would mean a schedule commitment of 5 months.

Any member of the panel needs to have a free calendar for the duration of the filming, which may be a factor in whether or not Ora actually signs on the dotted line.

Either way, it looks as though Simon Cowell certainly has his eye on this one hit wonder. Rita Ora may or may not be on the X Factor but either way, she is certainly not leaving the spotlight any time soon.

Is Rita Ora Heading To X-Factor?

Is Rita Ora Heading To X-Factor?