Maxim Hot 100 2012: Who’s The Hottest Of Them All?

Maxim has unleashed its hot 100, which has undoubtedly turned many heads. Hot actresses such as Megan Fox, Olivia Munn, and La La Anthony are just the few that made the list.

Maxim, the worldwide magazine for Men, celebrates this tradition every four years after considering many beautiful women. The list is unique, that pre-dominantly consists of the hottest females in the world.

Bar Rafeli (PHOTO), was voted as the hottest women in globe. Usually, the list does not change much as voters tend to be really consistent with their taste. However this year, Bar Refaeli made the list as the hottest women.

‘So happy and honored to be #1 on #Maximhot100! thank you @maximmag! “This is very exciting!”‘ she wrote on her Twitter page.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence, the rising star from the movie Hunger Games also made the list.

Another young star that caught everyone’s attention was Nina Deobrey, who earned the 84 spot in her first year.

Surprisingly, Stephen Colbert also made the list at No. 69, which made him the first male to make the list. The list is definitely getting a lot of buzz as the people have definitely spoken.



10… Adrianne Palicki:  “With roles in Friday Night Lights and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Adrianne is the trifecta of perfection: sexiness, football and huge explosions.”

9… Malin Akerman:  “Whether this stunning Swede is making us laugh, sing, or turn into giant blue godlike beings, Malin has a way of making us do her bidding.”

8… Megan Fox: “Like some kind of shape-shifting car, Megan has transformed from action goddess to comedy cutie.”

7… Emma Stone:  “A super-beautiful Hollywood starlet with actual acting chops and a natural blonde who dyes her hair red, Emma Stone is just one hot mass of contradictions and we love ever one of them.”

6… Jennifer Lawrence: “After being in a movie about a beaver and next to naked for the majority of X-Men: First Class, the Hunger Games star has her sights set on world domination.  Let us all raise a glass in ‘tribute’ to the next generation of hotness.”

5… Olivia Wilde:  “Our favorite former TV doctor from House M.D.  and 2009’s Hot 100 champ has come a long way from kissing girls on The O.C.  She’s now a full-blown movie star thanks to Tron and Cowboys & Aliens—and looks amazing thanks to bikini and beach.”

4… Katy Perry: “Pop music’s baddest good girl has been pretty damn busy the past two years, what with seven different number one singles and the top spot on 2010’s Hot 100.”

3… Mila Kunis: “Ever since she locked lips with Natalie Portman in Black Swan, our appreciation for this brunette stunner has transformed into a near obsession.”

2… Olivia Munn: “This two-time Maxim cover girl sports a resume that includes senior Asian correspondent for The Daily Show and a body that makes grown men weep.”

1… Bar Refaeli: “Millions of votes were cast and when the polls were closed, a victor was crowned.  She puts the ‘promise’ in Promised Land—all hail your No. 1 for 2012, Bar Refaeli.”

maxim hot 100 2012: Who's The Hottest Of Them All?

maxim hot 100 2012: Who's The Hottest Of Them All?