Actress To Star As Casey Anthony

The name Casey Anthony is recognized by almost every person in America.

She is the mother of the innocent two year old tot, Caylee Anthony, whom was murdered. Her name is synonymous with “the most hated mother in America” and a lot of other negative pseudonyms.

Recently it was revealed that Casey Anthony’s life story will be made into a television movie on the Lifetime Network.

The movie is entitled Imperfect Justice. The actress whom will portray Anthony is Holly Deveaux. Deveaux is a nineteen year old actress from Canada. Deveaux beat out a lot of prominent and established actresses, such as Alyssa Milano and Kristin Stewart, for the role as Casey Anthony.

A majority of the Lifetime movie will be filmed in Winnipeg, Canada. The reason why the filming will take place in Canada is because of low cost. Other notable actors will be cast in the made for television movie.

holly deveaux as casey anthony (PHOTO)

holly deveaux as casey anthony (PHOTO)