Adoption: Katherine Heigl and Her Adopted Baby Girl

Katherine Heigl and her husband has adopted their second child.

The first baby was adopted from Korea but this time they adopted from the United States. Their baby girl was adopted at eight days old from Louisiana. There are not many details being released about the adoption.

The adoption took place in early April of 2012. To keep the adoption secret they had a friend hold the baby a few seats behind them on the plane ride back.

The new baby is named Adalaid Marie Hope Kelley. Pictures of the new adopted baby are being kept out of the public eye.

It is believed by sources that Katherine and her husband have a deal with some tabloid that is willing to pay for the first pictures of the new baby.

There is no talk right now about any more adoptions but it may be possible. Katherine and her husband are doing a great job by providing a home for the children.

Katherine Heigl Adopted Baby Girl From Louisiana

Katherine Heigl Adopted Baby Girl From Louisiana