On ‘The View’ on Wednesday, Barbara Walters was dragged into a discussion during which Joy Behar suddenly revealed how old she and Walters were when they both lost their virginity.

The conversation began during a discussion about Lolo Jones, the Olympic track and field champion, who says not only is it difficult finding a husband, but staying a virgin is even harder. However, as she wants her virginity to be a gift to the man she eventually marries, she’ll be holding out for quite a bit longer.

After the presenters had discussed who would be the perfect man for Lolo Jones (footballer Tim Tebow, who also says he’s saving his virginity for marriage), Behar asked Walters how old she was when she lost her virginity.

Walters appeared a little shocked, then said “I won’t give away how old I was”. But, only a few seconds later and Behar said “22. You can say it. We were 22, she and I”.

Walters agreed and went on to say nowadays at that age, people were already married and divorced. Walters herself was 26 years old before she married, but eventually married four times. Two times to the same man, Merv Adelson.

When Barbara Walters Lost Her Virginity Discussed On The View