Comic book franchises are great money spinners for Hollywood studios retailers and the creators of these dynamic superhero figures. Everybody loves them and the stigma of collecting action figures, or even dressing up as one is slowing gaining respect.

At the center of this attention windfall are the nerds and geeks in the society. Often seen as a source of amusement for cool people, nerds are gaining ground for their cultural and artistic contributions.

Star-Wars and Star-Trek conventions are seen as fertile stomping ground of the nerd pack; is now being infiltrated by jocks and the entire ensemble of cool people. Famous nerds such as Joss Whedon, Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith has influenced the perception of nerds from something gizmo-like to funny guy that people can hang with. Sometimes the nerd gets the girl.

The tablet and iPods and other great devices came to us courtesy the brilliance tech-saavy nerds. Where will we be without them?

Joss Whedon, Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith