Katy Perry Excites and Mesmerizes at Fleet Week

Sailors attending New York City’s Fleet Week were in for a patriotic treat. Pop superstar Katy Perry hit the stage at Pier 9 Wednesday donned in an American flag costume to celebrate sailors in the United States Armed Forces.

The event is indicative of a US military tradition where sailors dock in major cities to take in the atmosphere.

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This time, they were welcomed by the eight-time Grammy nominee. Perry opened up with such commercial hits as “Hot N Cold” and continued full force into her top-billboard numbers including “I Kissed a Girl” and “Teenage Dream.”

“Her outfits are a little out there! I’m much more conservative,” said one lieutenant, an attractive blond woman dressed in the Marines’ stiff tan uniform. “She’s fun to watch perform. It’s good that she can express herself through her clothing.”

She ended the concert with the performance of a new song “Wide Awake” just after erupting into “Firework” as pyrotechnics blazed the sky.

While many will continue to file her dress and performance as another in a long list of successful eccentricities, members of the audience were appreciative of her personality and patriotic support.

Katy Perry Excites Sailors During Fleet Week

Katy Perry Excites Sailors During Fleet Week