The life of Mollie King will be long and luxuriant, just like her legs. The latest fashion to hit is showing off her legs through wearing seductive short shorts.

Currently being a member of the popular all girl band group “The Saturdays”, Mollie King has caught the eye of many a photographer. Wearing shorts, complemented by her wavy blonde hair is definitely a prescription for success.

Having TV exposure to flaunt her wares certainly has been a mainstay in her life. Having been seen in many TV appearances such as X Factor, BBC news line specials and a reality show, it seems that success in another arena of life is just around the corner.

Soon enough the public will be treated to various sponsorship deals that will show Mollie King promoting hair removal products, deodorant and mobile phone commercials.

In the meantime, life is going well for the band member and isn’t due to stop anytime soon.

Mollie King Shorts On The Horizon

Mollie King Shorts On The Horizon