Petroc Trelawny, a classical music presenter from BBC Radio 3, was arrested in Zimbabwe. Mr. Trelawny was detained by Zimbabwe officials at a music festival.

The Music Matter presenter is currentlly in legal custody in the Zimbabwean capital Harare. Mr. Trelawny was arrested on Thursday because he did not have a music permit at the music festival. He was allegedly the only music performer without a permit at the festival.

A spokesperson for BBC has stated that BBC is aware of the arrest and situation, and that they hope it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

According to reports, Petroc Trelawny was not attending the event for BBC related purposes. Mr. Trelawny has been visited since his arrest by the British ambassador Deborah Bronnert.

One of Trelawny’s friends has stated that the presenter obtained a dislocated shoulder while he was arrested, but this has yet to be confirmed by officials.

BBC Music Presenter Petroc Trelawny Arrested in Zimbabwe

BBC Music Presenter Petroc Trelawny Arrested in Zimbabwe