Eurovision song contest winner Sweden’s Loreen has been speaking out about her successful win in this popular contest.

Loreen received a total of 372 points in the competition, with 18 countries awarding her the maximum allowable 12 points.

Loreen shares her beliefs on what it took for her to win the concert.

She states “The recipe of winning is to be true to yourself.”

She also shared her appreciation and gratitude towards the people who supported her saying, “I want to express my gratitude to all who believed in me. I am also a very shy person, such attention is not usual for me.”

The winner revealed that she was incredibly nervous while sitting in the Green Room and awaiting the Eurovision contest outcome.

Speaking about the hosting country, Loreen said she loved the people of Azerbaijan, and the food in the country is great as well. She also answered a questions about her lucky number, which is 17.

“People here are friendly,” she noted. “I hope my song will stay in people’s hearts for a long time”.

Loreen is a Swedish singer and music producer; she represented her country, Sweden, with her entry song “Euphoria.”

Jan Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the Eurovision contest, invited Loreen to Geneva to talk about prep work for the next Eurovision contest.

The next contest will take place in Sweden.

The 28-year-old singer from Västerås in central Sweden had been tipped as a possible winner ahead of Saturday’s final.

Eurovision Song Contest Winner Is Loreen From Sweeden

Eurovision Song Contest Winner Is Loreen From Sweeden