Early reviews are in for Wes Anderson’s Moorise Kingdom, and what has been called a huge and successful departure from his normal films.

Directing a nice mix of new and veteran actors, Anderson was able to pull the best performance out of each actor in a way that was satisfying in the end. Moonrise Kingdom is the perfect blend of humanism and magic for a flick that revolves around the budding relationship of tweens, Suzy and Sam.

Anderson does a nice job of combining quirky little details reminiscent of the sixties and surreal situations that pulls the viewers in. While the content of this new film is different for Anderson, it’s themes are his trademark, and he does them well. Anderson claims that he wrote and directed with freedom, but anyone that is a fan of earlier films can see that there was a lot of care and time put into it.

Wes Anderson Satisfied With Moonrise Kingdom