Ever since Chris Brown moved into his west Hollywood penthouse last February of 2011, there has been nothing but problems with his neighbors. Neighbors have allegedly argued with Brown about the noise that comes from his home at all hours of the day and night.

The neighbors are saying that Brown plays music, has loud parties, and parks in handicapped spots on a routine basis.

Brown has stated that none of these things are true because he was rarely ever home at any given time.

Unfortunately, Chris Brown has had about enough that he can stand from his neighbors and is selling his penthouse with a Californian real estate agent. He has listed the penthouse for sale for $1.89 million dollars and hopes to get a buyer soon.

He is selling his home for $300,000 more than what he purchased it for just last year when he first moved in.

Chris Brown Sells His West Hollywood Home

Chris Brown Sells His West Hollywood Home