Silent War Between Kristen and Jennifer

There is a silent war brewing for the movie role of Peyton Loftis, in the film “Lie Down in Darkness”. Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are the likely contenders.

While both women can hold their own to be seriously considered for the role, there is no one factor that greatly distinguishes the two actresses.

The movie is based on a 1951 book that sees a young girl, Peyton Loftis, struggle in a dysfunctional family. The complexities of playing this character is what can establish either actress as a force to consider within Hollywood circles.

Both Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence come from big movie franchises “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” respectively. But may be suffering from type-casting and landing this role will prove the critics wrong.

Kristen had this to say: “I want to play Peyton more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad”.

Jennifer commented: “I am obsessed with that part. I have this feeling of protectiveness over characters I want to play . . . If someone else gets the part, I’m afraid they won’t do it right…”

kristen stewart and jennifer lawrence feud

kristen stewart and jennifer lawrence feud