Not all football players learn their lessons after getting in trouble.

The player for the Lions football team, Nick Fairley, was taken into custody by police for the second time in the past two months.

On April 3rd, Fairley was arrested for possessing marijuana and speeding down the road in his Cadillac Escalade. Sunday he was arrested again for reckless driving and suspicion of driving under the influence. He was spotted in Mobile County going over 100 miles per hour in the same Cadillac Escalade he was caught in before. To make matters worse, he is also being charged with eluding the police, as he was very reluctant to stop for the officers that asked him to pull over.

Fairley could not produce proof of insurance. Therefore, he is looking at some serious charges. He posted a $1,750 bond and he was released until his court date. Hopefully he will take this arrest as a cue to slow down.