BBC Admits Mistake in Logos

The BBC has had to issue an apology for a story that they aired last week. They story about how Amnesty International accused the United Nations Security Council of poorly handling the atrocity in Syria. While Sophie Raworth the news anchor was delivering the story a graphic that was supposed to be that of the UNSC appeared behind her.

Instead the graphic that was displayed was that of the United Nations Space Command.

This was the logo of a fictional organization that is part of the video game Halo.

The mistake was made because when someone looks for the UNSC logo, the fictional organization appears first.

The mistake may have caused some embarrassment for the BBC, but many got a good bit of fun out of the mistake.

They later made a statement that included the fact that they make an effort to not make mistakes, but every once in a while they do. There is a video on You Tube of the news story that has gone viral.

BBC Mistakes Game logo For UN Symbol

BBC Mistakes Game logo For UN Symbol