Cynthia Nixon, best known for her role as Miranda in Sex in the City, married her long-time partner Christine Marinoni over Memorial Day weekend.

They were married in New York, one of the few states that grants marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The couple has been together since 2004 and became engaged in 2009. They have been raising Nixon’s two children from her previous marriage to photographer Danny Mozes. In February 2011, the couple welcomed a new addition to their home when Marinoni gave birth to the couple’s first child together.

Nixon, who identifies as bisexual, has openly expressed her support of gay marriage. The couple got engaged at rally for same-sex couples a few years before same-sex marriages became legal in New York. Nixon received a lot of flak from the LGBT community when she openly admitted that being in a gay relationship was a choice for her. She later clarified her statement by saying that she did not choose to be bisexual. The newlyweds will continue to live and raise their three children in New York.

Cynthia Nixon Marries Long-Time Partner Christine Marinoni