Some might say karma came around to Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef.

UNICEF held a charity soccer game, “Soccer Aid” in England with celebrity players. On a team known as “The Rest of the World,” made up of former professionals and other celebrities, Ramsay was actually flattened by Teddy Sheringham, a former professional player. Ramsay actually had to be carried off the field on a stretcher, needed to receive oxygen, and was brought to the hospital.

At least there was a reward for his efforts. Over $6.4 million dollars was raised for a children’s charity in England. The opposing team, “The Three Lions,” had victory with three points to one and was made up of players representing the nation.

Ramsay was not the only player on his team to be injured. Will Ferrell received an injury when he hurt his leg during the game but it was for a good cause.

Gordon Ramsay Flattened At Charity Soccer Aid Match